We live in an era of unprecedented technological advancement that has transformed our way of living in nearly every aspect. From smart phones to the Internet of Things, plus consistent advancements in computing, first-world living is now dominated by—and heavily reliant on—technology.

The food service industry is surely no stranger to this technological impact, as advances have led to an increasing demand for customization and personalization in the catering space. Online ordering has opened the door for a quick and convenient means to place large orders with multiple customization options.

5 Catering Software Titles You Need to Consider

In order to compete in this type of environment, caterers are feeling increased pressure to utilize software specifically designed for that industry (if they aren’t already doing so). With catering being a multi-billion dollar industry, there are already many options available for software solutions that can help streamline the order process every step of the way, from placement to delivery. Here are a few of the platforms catering Denver company Encore Catering recommends.


Flex Catering is a catering and event customer relationship management (CRM) platform that offers a full-stack e-commerce platform with order and event management, order tracking, reporting, payment processing and more. The company originated in Australia but has expanded to the United States.

Total Party Planner

Designed by caterers for caterers, Total Party Planner offers an integrated calendar and online software platform to track and report on all activities. It also utilizes task lists and communication tracking to ensure streamlined service delivery and customer satisfaction and retention.

Better Cater

Better Cater is an online catering app with a robust reporting system and integrated calendar that links to Google, Outlook and Apple calendars. There is also an event management tool that allows users to manage multiple events at once.

Triple Seat

Triple Seat features a SmartSuite feature that expedites orders and customer communication, as well as event management tools. Users can also create branded documents with the SmartDocs feature, and keep them all in one place in a central cloud.

Cater Zen

Cater Zen is an online platform that focuses on marketing and sales operations. It features a delivery manager components to maximize delivery efficiency, as well as proposal templates, a re-booking reminder and more.