While a quiet evening by the fire pit can be the perfect relaxing end to a long day, there’s no question that fire pits also provide an excellent environment for gatherings. Whether you’re up as host for the next cocktail party or just having a few friends over for a cookout, fire pits provide an ambiance and aesthetic to house parties that’s hard to beat.

Having a fire pit going in the background of a party can add some character, but to truly wow your guests requires some extra effort. Here are a few factors to consider when planning your next fire pit party thanks to Firepit Outfitter.

3 Ways to Plan the Perfect Fire Pit Party


Great company is often the defining feature of a good party, but without ample amounts of food and drink, the guests probably won’t stick around for very long. When selecting a menu for your party, consider things such as the weather, setting, and overall theme. You wouldn’t want hot chocolate at a beach party, for example, or snow cones at a Christmas party.

The key to great refreshments is simplicity. You don’t need to have twenty fancy hors d’oeuvres to impress an audience when two or three will do. You do, however, want to include “roastable” foods such as s’mores or hot dogs. This will ensure that at least some of your guests appreciate and stay engaged with the fire.


A firepit alone can be a mesmerizing visual spectacle, but it never hurts to spruce up the area around your firepit for added flair. Festive ribbons and banners can add color and liveliness to your outdoor area, and are generally affordable and easy to set up.

If your firepit party is at night (as they often are), consider adding some ambient lighting to the space around your firepit. Rope lights or tiki torches not only add visual appeal, but also provide extra visibility to keep your guests from falling all over the place in the dark.

Party Games

Nothing livens up a dull gathering like party games. While a board game can be great for quiet nights with a few friends, sometimes something more exciting is called for. Outdoor games such as badminton, croque, and horseshoes are a great start.

Comfortable Seating

Comfort is a key factor in prolonging your guests’ attendance at your event. Always make sure there’s enough seating for everybody, even if that means asking guests to bring their own chairs. Also, be prepared for inclement weather with either a tent or canopy over your main party space.